Thursday, September 27, 2007

An Eeyore kind of Day

Today, I was prepared to focus on God and everything wonderful. Then it happened. What is it you ask? "It" is when all of the kids are up before you are. And your day starts everyone gets dressed, fed and taken care of and you look around and it is dinner time and you are the only one still left in your pajamas. I tend to avoid Eeyore kind of Days at all costs. (these kind of days are catergorized by a sluggish feeling yet slightly productive because the kids are clean and the laundry is done).

I found myself-Better yet Bid D found me sitting staring off into space as I sat on my son's bed and he put his arm around me and asked me what was wrong. And without sounding like a broken record I simply replied I wasn't feeling good. (and I was still in my PJs). He decided to give his wife the night off and treat for dinner.

At the end of the day there is a smile in the 100 acre wood.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Some Things are just overated

The more you do will never make you a better Christian. Never make God love you more than He does right now. It may cause you to have favor with men and work your way up the spiritual leadership hierarchy. Your relatives or neighbors might like you more. But it will never ever cause you to score more points in heaven. God loves you so incredibly and has a special sensitivity for every season of life that you are in. God expresses the same love and tenderness to the man who just lost his job and to the new mom whos quiver is already full. You can't win his favor or approval by doing more. He is already in love with you.

I decided last fall to start giving a slow yes and a quick no to all things that were not life giving. Although I recognize some jobs that have to be done will not be life giving, there are many things that we may feel pressured to do that do not give life to us. Those are the things that we can do with out. Although you may be the likely candidate to run the board, organize the field trip, and feed the homeless, sometimes you just need to say no, not at this time. You will find in your quest to bring harmony and balance to your life, those around you, (usually those who want your services, skills, time and expertise) will cop an attitude and venture to spiritually manipulate you into thinking that you are doing it (not participating) to the least of these. Be ware and do not be decieved, God has called you to Himself first, your spouse second, your children third, and your local church last. Don't be so busy doing the work of the ministry that you forget to do the work of the ministry. Take care of your love relationship with the Lord, your spouse, and your children... that is your first calling. And although it may take others a while to see, there is someone to fill in for the man who lost his job and the mom who just had a tender babe.

Its okay to say no.