Monday, October 8, 2007

Monday, October 8, 2007

I only have a few minutes to blog so here goes.

Part of organizing my home includes a chore chart that breaks the chores down by days. Each day I also throw in a load of laundry-which reminds me there is a load still wet in the washer. : (

Today's chore was vacuuming and we accomplished mostly all of it except for my room and the girls room. The kids got a kick out of sucking up the cobwebs and spiders with the vacuum cleaner. Then it turned into, "Suck my hand up", "Suck my arm up", "Do that again!" Yes, I did put the vacuum cleaner on their arms and hands so they could feel the suction. Before I knew it it was almost lunch time.

My Laundry Schedule Looks like this:

Monday- Moms Laundry

Tuesday- Noahkeem & Rocco's Laundry

Weds - Cookie & Dolly's Laundry


Friday- Daddy's Laundry

My chore schedule is written on a chart and posted on the side of the fridge and also in my Home Management Notebook. (see on how to create a HMN)

The chart I used for chores was taken from Gayle Grahams book, How to Homeschool. You can find this at

Each Day I have 1 or 2 chores to do and use my helpers with them.

  • Monday - Vacuum & Iron-which I almost never iron

  • Tuesday- Dust

  • Wednesday- Mop Floors

  • Thursday-Change Linens, Clean Baths

  • Friday-Clean Car, Yard/Garden,Dust if needed, Vacuum again if needed

Saturday & Sunday is Chill out day. Only do maintenance,(spills, dishes, sweeping). Family time.

The above schedule is subject to change If I the Queen Mother have other obligations.

Hope that helps. Off to bed. But before I go, here's something all of us moms can appreciate: Mom's Overture

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