Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Oh Give Me a Break!

There is so much hype concerning the upcoming movie "The Golden Compass" in many Christian Circles. It's almost annoying that so many Christians cry about how big and bad the world is and they do nothing to support christian film makers except buy a couple of Veggie Tale videos here and there. Did we not expect that "perilous times" would come in the last days? Is it a surprise that films -including children's films are laden with Anti-Christ messages? Is this a shock? Any film you watch that has cursing/foul language, killing, lying, adultery,fornication, stealing, and any of the like is blatantly Anti-Christ but, we dare not consider it that. It's just mere entertainment. Some of the same Christians who complain and moan about protecting our children have no problem subscribing to Direct TV, Dish Network, TiVo, and local cable broadcasting and inviting the evil right into their homes (Which of Course they watch after their children are asleep). I said Some not All Christians.
And why all the hoop la about protecting our children from watching stuff they shouldn't at the local theatre. Isn't this our job, aren't we suppose to be vigilant caretakers of their souls? But yet we allow them to read books and listen to music that no more glorifies God than a hole in the wall all in the name of innocence and education. I say we get real. And clean house from the parents choice of media to our children. When was the last time we purchased a film or watched a film that pointed straight to the Throne? Why not try your local Christian bookstore's film section or Or does our allegiance lie with Pay Per View? Am I against TV and Movies ? NO. I take my chickadees out once and a while to see a Rated G movie. We even use it in Home school. What I am against is belly aching and thinking our responsibility begins and ends with a petition/and or boycott. Go out and support Christian Films. Attend a play/performance by an up and coming Christian Playwright. How about Purchase Christian Films for your library and for heaven's sake make sure your local church gets a larger offering than you give your cable company.

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