Sunday, October 28, 2007

Rain, Rain, go Away

It seems that as the weeks go on, the blog gets neglected. This one will be short and sweet. It rained alot this week. And I absolutely loved it. There is something peaceful about the rain. There is something wonderful about it that fills the air with a certain silence. Which is rare when you have 4 children. Each morning it rained, everyone-except me of course slept late. I'm hoping one day before the turn of the century, I will be able to sleep late.

Rain is necessary for plant life to grow. And just like in our lives rain must come. Sometimes it's a little, and sometimes it's alot. The excepted outcome is growth. I learned one thing today and it is this: Not to make the rain the Lord of your life. Not to get lost in the rain. But, while it is pouring down, cultivate your soul and spirit by fertilizing it with the Word of God. (As hard as it is).

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