Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Oh give me a break

I saw a commercial for a department store opening up at 4 am the day after Thanksgiving! I thought to myself "Give me a break!" Why on earth would you want to get up that early if you don't have to? To shop? The day after Thanksgiving? I never have shopped the day after Thanksgiving. Never. I don't think I'll start either. I grew up in a house when the day after Thanksgiving we worked on the left overs. Shopping the day after was unheard of. Now as an adult I don't even understand why we rush around getting "stuff" for ourselves and others and accumulate more unnecessary debt (as if any is necessary) all in the name of wishing someone a Merry Christmas. If you want to make a huge impact, all that stuff you would normally buy at Christmas, give it to your loved one for their birthday- then you'll score major points. Don't get me wrong I'm not against Christmas. I make a list, I check it twice, to make sure everything I want is the right price. I just have a hard time with all the hype and headaches and struggle to make Jesus the center of it all when the lights of the lights from the Christmas tree shine brighter than the light of Christ in our hearts.

Here is my Holiday wish list:

1. All people would walk in a crosswalk and not dart across streets.
2. Unsolicited fruit cakes would become a felony.
3. The Salvation Army would get a church bell and ring it until everyone gives donations
larger than 3 cents.
4. No one would re gift.

5. That we would pick a cause or charity and bless them through out the year not just at Christmas time when we feel compelled to show love and good will toward men.

6. That we would break down our facades, surrender our hang-ups and stop putting on a selfish show so that others that do not know Him, (Jesus) May know Him.

That about wraps it up. How many shopping days til' Christmas?

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