Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The older I get (Hard to believe since I look so young). The more I realize, is that it is God who saves, It is God who changes the hearts of men. And it is God who loves us-completely. SO often we look to others to find our identity and find strength and find answers when, all of what we need can be found in cultivating a relationship with Him. Sadly we have made our "walk" with Christ about us and how we can grow, and be blessed and move on to greater things. (Which there is nothing wrong with desiring growth) The travesty lies with in the guise that we make our life's growth, our focus and use Christ, our heavenly meal ticket to get us there. We are too busy medicating our selves and sedating ourselves by putting garbage in our temples. From the foods we eat, to the books we read, to the television programs we watch, to the music we listen to and the people we associate with. We invest so much time in all of those things and know deep in our hearts that our relationship with the one who created us, the one who loves us the most, lacks passion, commitment, and meaning. During my "quiet" time, the worship song "Your Name" by Paul Baloche kept coming to mind. Shouldn't our lives be about glorifying God's name? In the way we treat our family, our neighbor, ourselves? Shouldn't we glorify His name by walking in a higher level of integrity at work while we diligently strive to take care of all that he has entrusted us with, like our spouse and children, our home, the poor? Does He constantly turn away His head in shame each time we bring dishonor to his name by choosing a secular spirituality instead of His love and kindness? I am so glad that God is merciful and is slow to anger. And his arms are opened wide like a Dad who is waiting to pick up His child and toss them in the air. Let's glorify His Name together- today.