Wednesday, November 14, 2007

"You've got your hands full"

One of the most annoying things as of late has been the silly comment "oh, you've got your hands full" or "aren't your hands full?" Among all the things my old sinful nature would like to say to them, I often give a fake smile and go about my business.
Some woman last week said the same corny thing "Oh, your hands are full". Why did this comment get to me so much?
All I have to say in response to all of the naysayers that feel it is their duty Godly or otherwise to tell a Woman with 4 or more children how full her hands are is that its not our hands that are full but its our hearts! Our hearts are so full of love that we unselfishly have shared our bodies with another for 10 months (pregnancy is 40 weeks), Lovingly opened our homes to them. Laid down our selfish ambitions to collect the most toys and climb the top rung of the corporate ladder and stay home with our babies and not shuck our responsibility off on the government to raise our them. Our hearts are so full of love that we rejected everything that society has said about how we should run our households and we chose to honor our husbands (as hard as that might be), we cultivate a relationship with God and not popular daytime talk shows, we raise our children, teach our children and love on them because they are a blessing not a burden.
Why on earth would some one have more than one or two or three children nowadays? Haven't they heard of birth control? I'll tell you why. From personal experience, we had more love to give, so we had more babies. Our hearts desire was to have a big family. Each of them by God's grace is happy and well adjusted. And as imperfect as their parents are, they have joy and peace and rest in the security that if Mom and Dad mess up, forgiveness is always granted. Children NEED security.

No one on earth can dictate or limit our fertility but ourselves. I can't even imagine what my life would be like if I didn't have Dolly laughing in my face all the time. Or if I didn't have Noahkeem asking "You okay Mommy?" after I cough. All the pleasure and all the joy I would miss if I didn't have Rocco & Cookie having a jam session on the drums and Cookie ad libbing these incredible lyrics.

Is my life perfect? Of course not. Is any ones? Are my children perfect? Not at all. But one thing I do know is that I am walking in a level of wealth and freedom that I never thought I would experience 8 years ago sitting in a cubicle, punching a time card, with a headset on, reading someone else's script.

So you tell me are my hands full? or is my heart?