Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The long road home

Yesterday I drove home from my birth state two my home state. I call it my home state because this is the place I call home, I call the place where my extended family is, my birth state because it is the state in which I was born. We managed to spend 7 hours in the car! We made to stops to change diapers and dvds. What goes on in one's mind during 7 hours behind the wheel? Well several things. Here's a wonderful compilation of the statistics that I pondered.

-From 2004-2007, I spent well over $1400.00 alone in gas and tolls driving to see my family
-During that same 3 year period, we put over 10, 000 miles on our minivan driving there.
-Each trip is 500 miles there, 500 back, equaling 1000 each trip.
-After the majority of these trips I do not take long road trips for months.
-I realized that the cost of plane tickets, and minivan rental once we arrive is not worth the expense.
-If we were to fly we would have to carry luggage, 1 infant carrier, 1 car seat and 2 boosterseats-Not worth the hassle.
- We managed not to hit any squirrels.
-I only drove home twice.
-One of those trips I was the only adult in the car.
-I prefer driving at night.
- I can count on one hand the number of times I thanked my husband for doing all the driving on the majority of those trips.

In light of all that, Thank you to my husband who has driven countless hours, checked the tire pressure, filled up the tank, had the oil changed and got us from point A to Point B in 6 hours.

Hats off to all of us that drive the miles to keep in touch with our relatives and friends.. Kudos to those that know the value of reciprocity.