Monday, January 7, 2008

Happy New Year

Well the New Year has been exciting already. Given the last several weeks, I just may be blogging only once a week-unfortunately. My darling Cookie has proclaimed a motto/resolution for our family for the New year. "Cooperate in 2008" And trust me its on many levels not just getting along with others.

I am happy to make an announcement, and say that I have added another servant to my staff. Her name is Zojurishi. She is a bread maker, and also makes meatloaf, jam, cakes and all kinds of dough. You can find out more info about her at I am thankful for all of my servants, i.e. Dishwasher(soon to be replaced), Voicemail, Crockpot, Washing Machine, Dryer, VCR/DVD player, food processor, Kitchen Aid. But I think the Zo is bound to be the favorite right now..

Be Blessed today. Choose Life.

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