Monday, January 28, 2008

Im still alive

I managed to climb out from under the laundry, find my computer and blog. It's been awhile and updates are in order. Just as I expected Noahkeem ate pieces of the pretty little colorful crayons that we made. We won't be visiting that recipe until he is out of his crayon craving days. Little Dolly is standing an is turning 1 in a couple of weeks. And I'm still mailing out birth announcements and Christmas Cards. Sometime before the children are adults and starting families of their own we will have all of it together. LOL! Until then, I have resolved to be at peace with certain issues that keep popping up.

-Babies that are not potty trained will poop several times a day, this is a sign that assures me that their bowels are in working order.

-I will not refer to cleaning a floor by the words sweeping, mopping, or vacuuming. I will consider it build up removal so as not to let the debris build up to an unhealthy level.

-Someone is always bound to spill something on the floor after it is sweeped or mopped no matter how careful they are.

-Socks are never missing, they' re just being held hostage by the dryer.
-Those who do not think my home is clean enough are welcomed to grab the cleaning supplies themselves.

My Zo has been a doll! We bake about 2 loves a bread a week! This week we will attempt pretzels and pizza dough. So far we have made bread, cake, and bread sticks. After our first 6 loaves, Noahkeem ate fresh baked bread for the first time. He does not like bread. The next day, he would not go near it. But, when we made the cake, that's all he asked for! Coincidence?

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