Monday, February 18, 2008

The latest ramblings

Well Dolly is One Year Old! She just started walking like a bear yesterday. It was the funniest thing! Her hads were on the floor, butt in the air and she was walking like a bear! or more like a primate. It would have been perfect if she stood upright. But the whole crew got a kick out of it. All I kept hearing was "Look! she's doing it!"

My birthday is next on the roster next month. I decided to celebrate the 5th anniversary of my 30th birthday at an undisclosed sunny location. I'll post pics when I take them.

Valentines Day was wonderful with the exception of a doctors appt. My honey and I spent a nice evening in the dim glow of Krush( ) I had an amazing salad. (Field greens ice cold mango, feta cheese, dried cherries and a rasberry vinegrette-Gotta love the sweet salads). Followed by Some kind of chicken on top of a small mountain of creamy risotto. 3 hours of uninteruppted dinner conversation. I didn't know such a thing existed. I plan on getting a sitter and trying it again.

Tonight I actually enjoyed making chicken parm. The youngins ate this omega 3 healthy pasta I bought, with meat sauce as the parm cooked. I let Rocco taste the parm and of course he loved it. I told him I'd save a piece for his lunch (If there is any left tomorow).

Noahkeem is starting down the road to becoming diaper free. I'm hoping the trip will be very short. We start tomorow. I have a slab of stickers, big boy pants and a potty. Hopefully my next blog will be a tell- all of the joys of pottyhood.