Wednesday, May 21, 2008

He came out again!

Rocco called me out to the deck today and it was that salamander again! Rocco had a long stick in his hand and I told him not to hit him with it but then it scurried into the bushes. He ran into the same bed that I was going to plant the irises in. Then he ran under the house. All I could think was that this thing was probably under my house laying eggs and when they hatch we are going to have more salamanders in my yard than I care to deal with.

Later on today, Noahkeem told me to follow him to the play room and he took me to the hermit crab tank and what do you know? The hermit crab came out of his shell again! He has been switching back and forth between two shells, the one he's wearing in this picture and the one he came home in. There is only 2 things I want in life: Salamanders who stay in their natural habitat (Not in my yard) and hermit crab who will not play musical shells.

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