Monday, May 19, 2008

Its Convention Time

Every year in June there is a convention in our states capital where tons- and I mean tons of people come out to attend seminars and the used curriculum sale. People come out to get refreshed and others come out to stay encouraged. People (Home schooling Moms) Plan this weekend getaway months in advance-at least 6 months).

This year, like last year, I was planning to go. In years past I either did not feel like it or I was pregnant. So this year at the last minute, I decided to go. I made my list of all the vendors I wanted to check out and a list of books and materials I wanted to purchase. Today would be the last day to preregister and get any discount to get in.

My dilemma is is that #1 who will watch all 4 of my children willingly? #2 Who will willingly take Cookie to Karate while entertaining the others? #3 Who will take them to the Native American Festival held that day? Or to the Pool or Beach? And why is it that everyone that doesn't have 4 kids think that its so terribly hard to juggle 4? Why is it that some who do think the same?

I some times get into "Boo Hoo" mode and talk about how I have no supportive family around to help me out with my kids. But are they really obligated to do so if they lived close by? When I had 1 and lived near family I could count on 1 hand the number of times I "got help". I can only hope that when my children are adults with children of their own that I would be in the right frame of mind and in good health and have the financial ability to bless them by giving them a break and watching their children. I pray that if they needed a getaway and yes I did say need that I would not be so busy being busy that I would spend time with my grandchildren and be there -no matter where they are.

I don't believe that anyone who has never home schooled or stayed at home with their children and had very demanding age groups vying for your attention knows the necessity of balance in a moms life. You need balance. Time to go to the ob/gyn- alone, Time to drink a cup of coffee alone, Time to think about your next move, organize your schedule, be able to make curriculum decisions alone. Did I mention going on a walk- alone. To think and to hear what God has to say to you. To even smell the fresh air and feel the fresh air in your lungs refreshes a mother. But, everything around a mom- at least this one right now says work, work, work, do, do, do. Breaks are for those who are doing something with their life. Not wiping butts, putting band-aids on sores, cleaning spills for the 5th time, keeping little ones safe, being a referee, cooking 3 meals a day, cleaning up the dishes, wiping up pee off the floor, nursing little ones, teaching lessons, finding lost shoes, paying bills, giving baths, detangling hair, washing clothes, folding clothes, putting clothes away-the list goes on.

Yes this is the choice I made to have 4 children and I guess for their sake, so that I can be the best momma for them is to find and create a support network so that I may get away for times of refreshment so that I can give my best to my children. When I am not refreshed no one gets my best not even me.


Kaber said...

what exactly is a homeschool administrator? I don't think we have those iin Ohio. Or maybe we do and they just don;t have that title. Or maybe it is just a regualr homeschooler, but like a SAHM sayuing she is a 'domestic engineer'...?

we are on our 8th yr homoeschooling. I have never been to a convention or anything...LOL.

I didn't get 'me time' until my kids were old enough to stay home by themselves for a short time. wow. it sure is NICE!

I hope you find a sitter for your kids.

(I lost my favs and so lost all the homeschool blogs I used to read, so I am searching for new homeschool blogs to read. swing by my bog for a little visit if you have time)

Angela said...

I'm going to the convention. I've had my list, my budget, and my registration prepaid since the first week they opened registration! I'm doing the shopping only pass and hope to purchase the convention on MP3. Last year I did the full convention and it was just too much... especially with a 4mo in tow.

Many people discourage me with their comments. Especially the family members that say, "It's impossible! You can't ___(insert activity)___ because it's not humanly possible for one adult with four children..." blah blah blah. Of course, most of these comments came within days of giving birth to my fourth, and me being hurt by the comments, was foolish enough to load all four children for a trip to Target, BY MYSELF, at less than 2wks post-partum. Just to show them they were wrong. Ugh. It's hard, but it's not as hard as "outsiders" make it out to be.

I like your blog. :-)