Saturday, May 24, 2008

Somebody call Animal Control!

The salamander was in my flower bed again! Obviously he likes us and I guess I haven't made it clear enough that I don't care for him. And like a little baby I'm scared to work in any of my flower beds because of this thing. He had the nerve to just be hanging out on the brick edging like he owned the place. I would love to smash it if I knew that blood would not go all over the place and if I wasn't so scared of it. When I saw it I said, " OH COOKIE, THE SALAMANDER!!!!!" and I jumped behind her. She is nearly 8 years old. Here I am a grown woman hiding behind an almost 8 year old. Nevertheless, I went out tonight and bought a trowel and one of those little hand held rakes for digging and planting. I imagine that Adam probably played with this thing in the garden of Eden. I'm so sure he was not scared of it.

To top things off, it seems as though our hermit crab has bit the dust but, the kids haven't noticed yet. I'm done with hermit crabs! We had 4 die over the last year. Everybody is just gonna have to be content having dust bunnies. At least I manage to keep them alive.

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