Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Unexpected guest

Well yesterday about 2:20 someone calls on the phone. They asked if 2 men could escort my new servant, Ms Elite to our house a day earlier! "what time are you thinking?" I asked. I was told, within the hour. COME OVER? NOW? I thought. I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR YOU FOR 9 MONTHS, OF COURSE YOU CAN COME OVER NOW- 1 DAY early. After all of this I realized isn't it funny how my dishwasher episode was like a pregnancy. I have been needing one since August. I have been hand washing dishes or leaving them to fester since then. And then finally we have a due date May 29 and the lovely little lady comes a day earlier. But interestingly (is that even a word?) Labor and Delivery were very quiet. The guys who delivered her were very quiet. There was no grunting or yelling or directing when they carried the new dishwasher in or took the old one out. It was the most quiet Labor and Delivery I have attended. Unlike a real baby, My cute little Kenmore Elite is soooooooooooooooooo quiet. My only disappointment is that there is no Fog Horn that bellows "The dishes are now clean, please unload me. The dishes are now clean, please unload me". So my Eeyore kind of Day ended with my long awaited dishwasher to wash at least some of my troubles away.
About today? I figured since it was so hot yesterday and that since I didn't have to wait for the Install guys that I would go donate some books and take the kids to the Y- all day. And what do you know. The wind is blowing and It looks as though its about 6 in the evening and it is raining. Since all of the kiderinos stayed up late last night (disaster), tiredness coupled with the darkness of bedrooms has successfully tricked their little bodies into thinking its still night time. And the usually congested halls that ramble with melodic tunes of laughter, teasing, fighting, playing, banging on pots and pans or instruments, is only filled with the sweet undertones of the rain and the wind accompanied by the clacking of my wonderful little keyboard.

No this is not my minivan! Some homeschoolers do have less than 20 kids. But I can not end today's saga without giving props to Big D. Who took me to drop my car off to a mechanic 1/2 hour a way but not without dropping off Cookie to a friends office because we would not be able to fit all 4 kids in the back of Big D's car after my Minivan (which Rocco calls "The New York Bus", was dropped off. After dropping off the van, we picked up Cookie, and of course there was no room for Big D so, he walked home - in the sun. Then later in the day he co supervised the install and then went to go pick up the van with a neighbor and then after picking it up so graciously picked up a mattress that I ordered for Noahkeem and lugged it upstairs and then watched the kids as a snuck out to Walmart to get a couple things. I must say that the mechanic did a fabulous job. My van glided down the highway, I hardly had to drive it.

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