Tuesday, June 10, 2008

102 degrees

This weather has got to stop. The weather girl said that it was suppose to be 102 today. So we went to the Y for and hour to get wet and then had lunch and then went back out to see Horton hears a Who. After all that activity, the kids wanted to ride bikes when we got home. "Too Hot kids, maybe after dinner". I'm hoping it rains and cool things off. But all that means for us is crazy humidity.

Anyhow I came up with the 10 minute rule. After we get home from any given place or an adult parent comes in the house from work, do not ask for anything or ask to do anything that requires adult assistance for 10 minutes. This allows me to get my barrings (remind myself that I just returned to headquarters and that my occupation is stay at home mom and this is my occupation for the next 18 years and that I need my union break because my offspring have 10 times more energy than I have). So the 10 minute rule is more for me.

So tomorrow-Aquarium. The only way to maintain some kind of order in the house - once it is cleaned is to stay out of the house. A word of caution and encouragement: Don't waste your time surfing and reading blogs about how clean the homeschoolin mama's house is next door. Now, I do believe that a house should be clean enough that the board of health would not condemn it but, not so immaculate that you spend 80% of your day training or not training your kids to clean with you. I'm embracing this truth more and more each day. Don't get me wrong. I love a clean house. I have a chore schedule some times I follow it, sometimes I don't- who cares! A spotless house doesn't mean that I am closer to God or my family is happier. So don't believe the hype. Don't get sucked in to the bondage of having the most sparkling homeschool house in the county. You will quickly find yourself not being able to enjoy your kids, your hobbies, the outdoors because there are dishes in the sink and a pile of laundry to be done. I am proud to announce that at the publishing of this blog the play room is a disaster and the laundry has been summons to wait til tomorrow. And in the words of our beloved little tiger from Winnie the Pooh- "Ta Ta for now"

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Anonymous said...

Preach it sister! I like my house clean and orderly, but I found that my children spend most the day watching videos because I don't want them to do anything that might cause more work for me (ie, cleaning up after them when the color, play with playdough, crafts, or just go nuts in the playroom). So I chilled out a bit and let them trash SOME things, and then we all clean it up afterwards.

I learned a few years ago from a book called "Motherhood Stress" that we women do each other such a disservice by cleaning our house before someone arrives. It would bless us more to see that our friends are just as messy as we are! So someone came over today and I didn't even bother picking up my laundry sorting I was almost done with. What you see is what you get!
-Japangela/Angela...as anonymous because I can't remember my login information!