Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Happy Birthday to you... Happy Mother's Day to Me.

I can't believe my Rocco Roo is now 5. He wanted a family party this year so. In the morning he played golf with Big D while Cookie started her first day of Drama Camp. and Noahkeem, Dolly and I went to the Dollar Store to get stuff for the pinata and came home and baked the Strawberry Cake he picked out that he coincidentally did not eat LOL. So after golf and picking Cookie up around 1, we went out to eat, then went to the mall to buy him a lil kinz (baby webkinz). Then he wanted to come home and have computer time to do his webkinz.. so we did. While that was going on I was putting the strawberry mist icing-that he picked out on his strawberry cake. By this time it was just getting later and later and golf was on so he was distracted by his favorite "Tiger Woods". So when 4 pm rolled around I told everybody we were doing cake because Cookie had Karate at 5. And of course Rocco had to watch Tiger's "one last shot" . And then wanted to do the Pinata next. So we went outside, the Pinata malfunctioned and the Rocco just ended up beating it with a stick and successfully decapitated him. - It was a traditional donkey pinata and yes, I will tape the head back on and use it for Noahkeem-if he wants to. After the pinata we sang happy birthday and had cake but, of course being SuperMom, I forgot the ice cream which still remains untouched in the freezer. I just don't care for ice cream like I used to. So after I inhaled my cake and threw out the pieces that weren't eaten we all headed to the Y for Karate (Cookie is the only one who takes it). I dropped Dolly off in childcare , and the boys and Big D headed to the gym to shoot some hoops. I usually get coffee and chill out but, since it was Rocco's birthday I played around a little in the gym. Then we went to the play ground then back to the gym and soon karate was over. After Karate we ended up at Chuck E. Cheese. (I haven't been there in 2 years). and played till 8:30 or so. The crowd was really dying down so I figured they must be closing. As I walked outside, I noticed that their sign said that they close at 10pm! We could have played some more until they closed but, Cookie had camp and it had been a loooooooooooong day. I I had so much fun and Rocco said he did too. I was so happy and proud to be his mom and that he was now 5.
I of course ran around so much to even treat myself to a special bouquet of flowers and wish myself a happy mothers day for all of the labor, and literal blood sweat and tears I poured into that little life. As a bit of exhortation, Honor your mothers on your birthday(every year), with flowers or something memorable, it was her special day too.

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