Thursday, June 26, 2008


Well another birthday is here (10 days after Rocco's). Today, Noahkeem is 3 years old! He was the smallest of all my babies. 5lbs 110z and he is baby #3. And today, 3 years later he is proud to hold the titles of :Most Demonstrative, Most Likely to be Loud, & Most likely to be the first to call you "Poopy". I don't know where he gets the Loud Stuff from. Rocco was a quiet boy and never even made car/truck/lion noises. And Noahkeem never followed suit. I guess Noahkeem figured he was gonna shake things up a bit (and he has).

Why I love my Noahkeem

  • He seems to give me kisses when I need them. (i.e. when I'm clearly trying to do something important).

  • He has a plethora of facial gestures that confirm that he is one funny dude headed for stardom.

  • He has sayings like, "Yes, May I help you?" and "It's later now"

  • He is my only child who has ever eaten sidewalk chalk.

  • He is my only child who finds crayons tasty.

  • He is my only child who hides game pieces, playing cards, matchbox cars, pencils and other important kid stuff in the depths of the couch.

  • He is proud of peeing in both his pants and the potty.

  • He still likes to play baby.

Happy Mother's Day, To me!

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