Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Today I just had to say what was in my mouth. We went to the Children's Museum today . It was pretty quiet. No crowds, not many people. So as my crew got off of the elevator they excitedly ran over to an exhibit that they like to check out each time we go. As they did one of the works turns around and gives the one hand closed gesture as if to say, "shut your mouths your too loud". Then she said "Volume". I came toward her and stopped my big double stroller by her and said, "Is there a problem?" "Yeah the yelling and screaming..." Before she continued, I said "IT'S A CHILDREN'S MUSEUM, THEY'RE CHILDREN. CHILDREN ARE LOUD AND MINE ARE LOUD!" "KIDS , YOU CAN'T TALK". "Oh I didn't say that" she said. And we proceeded to another area. I was so annoyed. Soooooo annoyed. How are you going to tell children to be quiet in a children's museum? Clearly she was in the wrong profession. After a while I calmed back down and contemplated whether or not I should write a complaint to the membership director as this was the first day we used our new membership.

Later we went to the Planetarium, yes all of us went and there were children in there crying and talking etc and not once did the "Planetarium Guy" turn all the lights on and remind us about our volume. But once again at the end of the day do I decide to hold a grudge or do I just let it go?

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Anonymous said...

Girlfriend, you are so spicy you just might put me in labor! I'm glad you said something. I would have only just walked away and rehearsed what I should have said for the rest of the day. I think that lady used to work in a library or something! Either that or she has some weird history degree that landed her a museum job- like I said, all those hours in a library. -Japangela/Angela