Monday, June 30, 2008

Who needs Cracker Barrel?

Well half of us went to church today.. Dolly had a fever. We were fashionably late of course. Which meant that I had zero time to put the brisket in the crockpot. So after we got home I decided that we were going to have our breakfast-Which of course I didn't have time to eat before we left for church. So I threw some heart cloggers, I mean strips of beef bacon into the pan, fried the last of the eggs, and made I don't know how many pancakes on the griddle. When it was all over, bellies were full and I was happy. Unfortunately I didn't make myself a cup of coffee- which I rarely make myself anyway but, it would've been nice.

After my cafe b.k.a. kitchen was cleaned up, Rocco and I went to 7 eleven where he got a Slurpee and then I took him to the mall so we could find some sneakers. The first store we went to had sneakers but, I don't believe in buy shoes for $50.00 plus tax for 5 year olds. So we went on to Payless. Now you got to understand that I made the huge mistake of buying him Sneakers that lit up several months ago. Something I vowed I would never do. So he naturally has been asking for another pair that lights up. Ironman sneakers. He has only seen some Ironman preview a couple of times and saw the Ironman sneakers the last time we were at Payless. So I had to remind him, just as I have been reminding him for the last 2 weeks that I will not be buying sneakers that light up because they don't last long. And I also reminded him of how his movie Cars sneakers were all busted down and pointed out where the sole was coming off. I also told him that if light up sneakers get dirty, I can't wash them and he would be stuck with dirty sneakers. We found a pair of shoes that we agreed on but not without him picking up the Ironman sneakers and looking at them. He wore the new sneakers home and he hasn't mentioned Ironman or Light up sneakers as he calls them, since. Yet at the end of our little excursion, I thought about dinner and wished that I could have Cracker Barrel. (Because I just didn't feel like cooking-again).

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