Thursday, July 24, 2008

Cookie turned 8 yesterday!

Well the home made pinata did not get made and Cookie still had a great birthday.
The Ice Cream birthday cake was definately home made.

What we did:

-Took the ferry to the children's museum

-Played at the children's museum

-Took the ferry back to the car

-Went to Cracker Barrel

-Got a Webkinz at Cracker Barrel

-Went to the Mall

-Got Cookies ears pierced

-Got stuck at the mall due to the thunderstorm

-came home

-had homemade ice cream cake (Strawberry layer/oreo cookie layer-crushed by hand/chocolate layer).

-opened last 2 gifts

-made home made mac and cheese

-heated up those lovely little pizza rolls

-made a salad that no one ate except for Big D

-cleaned kitchen


-gave boys and Dolly a bath

-Helped Cookie with shower

****Crashed in Bed with the lovely blue glow of the television for company.

One of the memories that I shared with Cookie yesterday was that very late at night (around 1:00am ) 8 years ago. I had to go to the potty and a nurse asked if I wanted her to take Cookie for a little while (She was the head nurse on the floor -and very young to have such a position). So after I went to the potty I realized I gave this "nurse" my baby what if she kidnaps her? SO I peeked my head out of the door and waddled down to the hallway to find the nurse with Cookie over her shoulder and the staff all sitting around in a staff meeting at the nurses station. It was the cutest scene to see this itty bitty baby, a whole 6 lbs in her first staff meeting. I then got her and went back down the hall---I don't remember what happened next. One thing I do know is that I have spent the last 8 years searching for the baby manual on how to take care of Cookie and realized that the hospital forgot to give it to me and I have been resorting to the Bible ever since.

I love my little Cookie --all 8 years of her!

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