Saturday, July 19, 2008

Everything changes

Well Cookie is almost 8...which totally dates me. But, I am excited. She wants to get her ears pierced and get a new Webkinz and eat at Cracker Barrel for lunch. She also wants a ice cream cake and little chocolate cupcakes. I don't know if we will do the pinata or not , although I still have candy and treats left from the last time that we can put in there. Better yet lets just spend the next couple days making a Pinata.

I decided to do Fly Lady. I was following my cleaning schedule faithfully until Dolly was born-17 months ago. LOL. It is so heartbreaking to hear how homeschoolers have a reputation for having sloppy houses. Why do we? Especially if we all have about 50 children on average, can't we train them and ourselves to put stuff away, throw stuff out, and clean up messes? My house doesn't look like a hotel and it proudly boasts that kids live here but the books and toys and blocks are growing out of the rug in a lot of the rooms and its a monster that has to be tamed. Yes, my cup runneth over! But you know God always seems to bless me when I give stuff away. So, If I give away tons more, Tons more is bound to come my way. But, if I stop giving, I'll still be stuck with stuff that I want to give away. Is selling my next step?

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