Saturday, July 5, 2008

Making a deposit at my local friendly bank

Dolly went to her first fire works display on the 3rd-because my town does fireworks on the 3rd and a parade and craft fair on the 4th. I was surprised that she wasn't scared since she doesn't like loud motors I assumed she definitely wouldn't like fireworks.

I brought the crew to the bank on Wednesday for a deposit. We had to go inside this time. LOL. I'm not crazy about this particular branch but, it's close to home. So we go in and here I am with my mega double stroller trying not to bang into anything. The kids race over to the fish tank to look at the fish. There is all but 1 smiling face in the whole branch. So Cookie picks up Noahkeem to see the fish and I think his foot hit the stand and some shirt said, "AH, No banging on the glass please". So in my annoyed mom voice I told the kids to come over by the stroller. (I was more annoyed that this guy wasn't doing his paperwork and more concerned with kids by the 100+ gallon tank-which was impossible to break even if we all banged on it). Then the kids looked up at the flat screen monitors and said" Look, I'm on TV!" "Look Mom, You're on TV!" Every time I looked my head was in a different direction (there were 3 surveillance cameras). The woman behind the counter was still processing our deposits and all of the other tellers had blank looks on their faces as if they had never seen children before- it was the oddest thing. Rocco was really into being on TV. So he kept moving back to see himself and he was moving from side to side laughing and smiling. And all of a sudden I busted out laughing too! And I couldn't stop! I was laughing so hard I was doubled over holding my sides. Then I told them what camera to look at so they can be on TV again. And we were all laughing. In the midst of this roar of laughter, the teller completed our transaction. And at the same time, Rocco backed up and knocked over a tripod that had a poster board advertisement on it. And I busted out laughing again and as I went over to him to help him up and pick up the display, Fish Patrol came over and said- "It's okay, I got it , I got it". I was no helped because even as the man was trying to help, I couldn't stop laughing. I went and got the stroller and said, "Goodbye everyone" to the tellers and people at their desks and told the kids to say good bye. They didn't stop saying goodbye until we closed the doors behind us. That was the best belly laugh I had in a long time and it was worth every minute of it! Should we go back next Wednesday just for fun?

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