Saturday, July 12, 2008

My Solo Saturday

3 major activites today and everyone escapes without bumps or bruises

Get up
Fix breakfast
Get kids ready for day
Say bye to hubby-he has to go to work all day into the wee hours of night
Drop Kid #1 off to the Y
Take kid#2 to t-ball, along with kids 3 &4
Go back to Y after Tball
Put kids 2,3, &4 into child care
Get coffee at Y look at a magazine
Peak into kid #1's Karate class twice
Get kid #1
Pick kids 2,3, &4 form child care
Go to snack machine
Go home
fix lunch
Pack beach stuff for party at the beach for 2pm
Go to grocery store for h2o, balloon and a few other things
Go back to house -forgot something
Get on highway
Follow directions
missed turned
called host
found way to right beach at 2:40 or so
stayed at the beach til about 6:00
came home
hosed down sandy kids 3 &4
fixed left overs
Kids 3&4 run around and play
kids 1&2 play somewhere in house quietly
check favorite blogs
take kids upstairs
rinse off kid #4 again
let kids 1&2 have a sleep over in kid #1s room
snuggle with kid #3
get kid #4 who is screaming in crib
break up disastrous sleep over
put kid #4 back in crib
tuck kid #2 in
Lay in bed with kid #3
kiss kid #3 good night----which reminds me I didn't kiss kid #2 good night
tell kid #1 its lights out
kiss kid #1 goodnight
get wet sandy carseat cover off of kid #3s car seat-bring inside house
go back upstairs clean up carseat-hang it up
go back downstairs reload dishwasher, wash few left in sink
put new trash bag in garbage can
wipe down counters and high chair
head up stairs
check favorite blogs again
go to log out
go to my site and blog
and then suddenly realize, There is a mountain of clothes forming on my side of the room in need of folding that will have to wait for the early am hours when I am well rested and energetic enough to fold them.

And that is the abbreviated version.

And as night falls on the most beautiful state in the union, I must say, I love my kids, my sand filled van and the beach bag that sits so prominently in the kitchen.

And the clothes unfolded only serve to remind me that we chose to make memories today.

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Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness... I wouldn't dare do anything past dinner time on a day like that! SUPERWOMAN award for the day! WOO! -Angela