Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I Love taking animal Pictures. This one is from the zoo. I was leaing over the fence and took it of a goat that was deep in thought in the summer heat.

Well we completed Part I of our standardized test ....Well Cookie's test. Tomorrow we tackle the math section and then I told the kiderinos that if it was nice I would lug everyone to the beach.. No I did not use the word lug. Or maybe we will go to the pool.

Over the weekend, I was talking with someone about how it is so key to refresh yourself as a mom to many. And how it is so easy to get caught up in the busyness of the day and look around at the end of the day and realize that you had no prayer time, no bible time, no quiet time. The reality of this life (with many) is that you can not give out of an old empty dried up well. Because what will come forth will be dank dark and cold and the least bit refreshing or life giving to the little people around you. And when you have so many responsibilities and peoples needs to meet---please don't make me run down a list-- Bible Reading, Meditating, and Prayer is not something that you are suppose to do in order to be a Good Little Christian. You need the Word, You need to meditate on it and You need Prayer. You really begin to need those things. And when you don't incorporate them in your day or morning or in your life the fruit you bear reflects it. Especially the fruit of your lips... Trust me I know. And my fruit isn't always pretty.

No one is going to shake us up and say, "Read the Word, Pray, Focus on God".. Well maybe someone will but, my point is , is that we, Me, You, and any one else in between can't wait to be prodded to fall in love with Jesus. Sometimes there is such a thirst- a dehydration and the well is right there but, we are too busy to drink, to tired to drink, to lazy to drink. Some times I just want someone to bring the water and the answers to me but, God doesn't always work like that. He designed us so intricately that He has told us that if we seek Him, we would find Him, Knock and the door would be opened. I am just taking inventory of all of the unnecessary things that serve as "busyness or a distraction" . Busyness and distraction are tools that are used to separate us from the God who so desperately loves us and is jealous for us.

I was never one to make new years resolutions and my new year always started in September with the new school year anyway. But, the God of second chances to the infinite degree has made it so we don't need to wait till tomorrow to begin loving Him today. I know in my Heart that we spend the most time with the things we love the most. Are we cheating on Him and expecting supernatural strength and wisdom and millions of blessings? Yet what blows my mind is that God is slow to anger and full of mercy ! So unlike our earthy relationships at times. How awesome is that? We kick God to the curb, because we don't have time for him and then when we do have the time he is still there with his arms out stretched!

My prayer tonight is that anything in my life that has been built up as an idol be revealed and or knocked down. Everything seeking to seduce me in the opposite direction of my savior would loose its power. And those things be revealed that I may freely walk away and choose Christ anew each day. That everything that is not profitable for my soul, be let go. That I would Choose the lover of my soul before I get sucked in to the deception of busyness=productivity. Let my good busy be pleasing to the Lord and show me how to create balance with Family and Friends as not to make either one an idol.

From Everlasting to Everlasting you are God!

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