Thursday, August 21, 2008

Children are a blessing.

I had to post this picture of Noahkeem falling down the stairs at the play area at the Children's museum last month. Because I was with the 2 older ones, I can't say if he was doing this on purpose or he really slipped. I don't remember any tears so, he must not have gotten hurt.
So since my last post Big D celebrated a birthday. We went to the beach for several hours , then lunch, then home for naps, then Cake and Java Chip icecream for dinner. Yes, I said for dinner. Cookie and I stayed up late the night before making a home made carrot cake. It was so yummy! So much so I had some for lunch today with a cup of tea.
Rocco is loving home school! Loving it. He is so proud that he can count to 100 and recognize all of his numbers. His little face just lights up when I quiz him on his number chart-He thinks it's a game and in some ways it is.
Life has been so funny lately. Over the last week or so, I have gotten an influx of the "Your hands are full-type comments". I even got one today-and just smiled. The 2 that opened up brief conversation the most revolved around how the summer would be over soon and the children would be off to school. Imagine the faces when I say that I home school. Most of the time my chickadees are well behaved and they are a joy to be around. There are moments- rare as they are, when their behavior coincides with the tides and the full moon and they let their presence be known. What is sad to me is that so many think that if you have a lot of kids (like 4 is alot LOL), that you are burdened, and every ounce of you is waiting for the yellow school bus to come get them out of your hair. Of course all parents at some time get tired or need a break but, I don't feel my children are lice that I have to get out of my hair or little rodents that I want to rid myself of so that I can "live my life" for the 6-8 hours that they are in "school". I try to bear in mind that kids will be kids. Sometimes LOUD and sometimes quiet. And sometimes they will hide under the clothing racks in the department store, try on hats, and jackets twice their size. This annoys store personnel, but sometimes I can't help but bust out and laugh-loud. Sometimes you have to call there names several times and redirect one or two or maybe even all four of them 10 times in less than 5 minutes but, that is in no way a cry or plea to be rescued by the government.
The loudness and belly laughs are a sign of life and we are living it up.

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Tina said...

Hello! I love your blog! ( we know each other from church ) And I love this post...children are such a blessing.