Monday, August 25, 2008

What I don't understand is......

Why is it that when a celebrity who is single gets pregnant its glamorous and when a non celebrity gets pregnant it's scandalous?

Why is it that when a teenager is pregnant she's scorned and is never praise for not aborting her baby?

Why is it that there are many in the media and not so famous who complain about how terrible the United States is but, continue to live here?

Does anyone know why some states have to pay fast food tax on top of all of the other lovely taxes?

How is it that you can't put your hands on the camera when something silly happens with the kids?

Why does the baby always seem to put food in her hair when your not looking?

Why does she like putting food in her hair?

Where do mosquito's go in the winter?

What happened to all of the buses that are out of commission from 30-40 years ago?

Who do our doctors use as their doctors?

How does time fly when other times it seems to stand still?

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