Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Mental Health Day

Today started off as "Lets watch family home videos day" because it was raining. When the kids went upstairs to get dressed, I shut down the home theater. Noahkeem has been using the potty today... Thank God. And he only had one accident - Thank God again. I hope this is the beginning of something beautiful... Something beautiful as in having one child in diapers/pull ups. This potty train (the whole ride and act of potty training) has been a work in progress and regress. Since March. I am tired of hearing the do's and dont's of potty training.. The best thing to do is to do it when the child is ready, when you're ready and when you have the patience and block of time to do it all.

By the Way.. I thought Isabelle had bitten the dust (Isabelle the newest hermit crab) but, she is still alive and crabbin. Yet each time one dies, I think, "That's it, no more Hermit Crabs". But I always end up getting another. I now want to don the play room with a fish tank. It will give the kidderinos something else to watch besides the TV.

And finally, Dolly is officially a member of the "Lets raid the pantry before mom gets downstairs" team. She initiated herself by helping herself to the last of the marshmallows.

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