Thursday, October 30, 2008

What had happened was......

God is just so merciful. I had a terrible headache this morning that started late last night. Then my eyes decided to join in on the party and ache too. And my nose couldn't be left out so it started running and I had to chase it with tissues and blowing. And so the minors in the house sang, yell, played the guitar, jumped on the couch ( I could hear the springs all the way upstairs) Made them selves breakfast, got themselves dressed. All without myself, The Queen Mother. Who says a 8,5,3, and 20 month old can't hold a fort down?

But all good things come to an end there was an infraction in the kingdom and I had to summons my little subjects around me so that they may state their cases as they will always have a separate version of the same story.

Back to reality.

I have been going to an awesome Seminar at my church on "Coming to Papa" The Father's Love. Here was my revelation from last night: God is here. It is as simple as that. He is with me in the house cooking, cleaning, praying, teaching, stressing, and living. He is here. And he is right there with you.

The shortest verse in the Bible: John 11:35, Jesus Wept. Tells me that Jesus was moved with emotion and he balled, even wailed because he was saddened. How much more does he understand when we are hurt or when we are disappointed or broken. No one can convince me that Jesus is some far off, aloof, tall man with a stick waiting for me to mess up so that he can punish me. He is not some man that is not affected by my life. He cares about my bad hair days, he cares about my salvation, he cares about my lost car keys.

The God we hear of as children has been grossly misrepresented to the point where most of us don't want anything to do with Him as adults. If we do know him, often we complicate our relationship with him with rules and regulations - as if that is going to appease him and keep his wrath from us. He is a loving heavenly Father and sometimes he just wants us to be. And that 's it. Be Still and Know that He is God.

Monday, October 27, 2008

There is always an alternative

I think I am leaning toward Chuck Baldwin. (This is subject to change) He is the Independent Green Party Presidential Candidate. I have been told not to waste my vote. However I concur with Chuck Baldwin that if it appears that Barack Obama is going to win why would I waste my vote on John Mc Cain?

No one from the Independent Party has ben elected since 1860 but the argument is to vote on Principle. And I like Baldwin's Principles.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Color Factor

I heard\read a disturbing comment recently about Senator Obama being the only one of "ours" running and that it was about time blah blah blah....
What disturbs me is that Color is a major factor behind these attitudes so my question is, where were "we" when Alan Keyes was running? And have "we" ignored the Green Party - Although I do not agree with their principles, Cynthia Mc Kinney and Rosa Clemente are women of Color that are running for Presidential Election. Why haven't "we" taken a look at these women? Have "we" been ignorant in thinking that the only parties to revive change in America is Democratic or Republican? Let's all be informed and make informed decisions and not vote for candidates based on skin color.

A week ago someone put a bug in my ear. "Some people say they are undecided because they don't want John Mc Cain in office and they don't want a Black Man in either" I am beginning to believe there is an of truth in this. Sure non-blacks support Obama but, where does the rest of the country stand?

I don't think America has changed that much over the last 48+ years. No I am not that old but, I know what I see. I know what I hear. I know what I have experienced.

When I was 8, a fellow classmate said, Oh I don't like going to that Roller Skating Rink because they're are too many "Colored People" there. Why she would say this around another "colored person" was indicative of the household she was brought up in.

As an adult a woman said to me how unsafe she felt when she was lost in a black neighborhood. For some reason she felt compelled to tell me this given I am black.

As an adult I have been followed by a police officer driving around several blocks alone in a Mercedes, in Monmouth County, in a predominately non-black neighborhood. The Police did not pull me over but followed me . I then purposely turned down streets, that led the long way to the highway and he kept following. Every turn I made, he made until I made my way to a major highway which was the county's line to the next town.

I have been in a boutique in New York with my mother and I was asked not to try on any clothes by the owner.

I have been in restaurant with Big D and after waiting 15 minutes for a menu and waiter/waitress we left for not being served. I know it was racial.

I have been told as an adult when I was about to register to vote that you are black so you have to vote democrat.

Please don't tell me things in this great country have radically changed, they have changed some but nothing radical.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I am in no wise an animal rights activist. Yet on my travels down the lovely Eastern Shore last weekend I saw at least 4 chicken trucks. For those of you that do not know what chicken trucks are they are the mode of transportation the chickens ride in on their way to their deaths.

Thank God for portable dvd players. The kids eyes were glued to a movie each time one of these trucks passed us on the highway. Unlike the picture here, the trucks we saw were 18 wheelers and they had at least 5 chickens to a crate.

I can't even explain the stench in the air as we passed by chicken waste plants and the Tyson and Perdue Plants. It smelled worse than any landfill, garbage truck---- It was just plain nasty. It just grossed me out and of course my brain keeps reminding me that chicken eggs are just unfertilized chicken embryos. Should I be eating them?

The funniest thing about all of this is that it did not stop me from buying a slab of chicken breast today at the grocery store.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

It's my blog and I'll blog if I want to.

I haven't completely disappeared from blogland but, I have just been doing the laundry thing and staying away from any electronic field-except my cell phone.

I have to say a lot has been on my mind with the presidential election right around the corner.

Here is my list of thoughts about life and America.


-Don't assume that all Blacks/African-Americans/people of Color are democrats.

-Don't assume that Republicans/Independents and other political parties you have never heard of are sell outs, weird, or plain ignorant.

-I don't want the government telling me how to raise and educate my children, why would I want more of them in my private life and business just to keep digging further into my purse?

-Please don't keep feeding me Pro-choice A La Carte Philosophy. Better known as "It depends on the situation if a woman should get an abortion". Here is my experience, the people that I have heard of having abortions are usually the ones that feel children are an inconvenience and a burden but, found it convenient & uplifting enough to be sexually active
in the first place-Married, Single and otherwise.

-I am still waiting for doctors and abortionist to deliver statistics on how many mothers lives were in danger and needed to abort thier children.

-Don't beat me over the head about what if my child was assaulted and becomes pregnant. Do people who are pro life, live breath and eat and teach pro life on more levels than just pregnancy and value the sanctity of life suddenly become pro choice and want to abort a child that is half theirs although they did not ask for the terrible, terrible misfortune of being assaulted? I don't know, maybe they do? Maybe they don't.

-Don't give me the talk about, "keeping an unwanted child, who's gonna take care of it?" etc. when there are thousands upon thousands of couples waiting to adopt and are even willing to financially support and unwed mother during her pregnancy in hopes of they themselves will become parents to the blob of tissue that has been dubbed a fetus.

-Don't let your political views drive a wedge between your relationships. It is a privilege to vote but not a right to lambaste others until they are utterly convinced that you are voting the right ticket. More often than not, you can not convince them.

-Is it actually possible that the millions of babies that were aborted held the keys to healing illnesses that we suffer from or solving even preventing the financial crisis that America is facing? I guess we will never know.

-No matter who, and I mean No matter who wins the election we are admonished by the Word of God to honor who ever is in charge of this land. Isn't it obvious by now that God can and will use anyone? Even Baalams Donkey?

-If you are not going to vote because you think it's not going to make a difference, don't complain for the next 4 years.

-If you are going to vote, be informed and in prayer about this election and the future and safety of our country.

And no matter how you look at it, God is still on the throne whether you believe in Him or Not.

On that note I will put my soap box away and proceed to revolutionize my kitchen into the meticulous work of culinary art that it is suppose to be. Good Night.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Here's the answer I have been waiting for.

For 5 years now, I have been blessed by the ministry of Nancy Campbell. She has been an inspiration to many women and is very much Pro-Life. Pro-Life when it comes to family, Pro-Life when it comes to Being a mother, Pro-Life when it comes to eating the right things, and Pro-Life when it comes to your joy tank being full as you walk within your calling as a mother. Today I got an email which put a lot to rest. She has been one of my Titus 2 moms. And to all the moms out there who have embraced there calling: "You go Girl!"


Zechariah 8:12 (NLT), "I believe, therefore have I spoken."

"Who am I? Have you sighed these words on your difficult mothering days? It's a good question, for if you don't know who you are, you will flounder in life. Fortunately, it's not a hard question to answer. God created you uniquely, like nobody else on earth, with special gifts that no one else has. But, transcendentally, you are a mother. You have an in=born urge to nurture. If you don't want to mother children, you will find yourself mothering something else, maybe your pet dog or cat. It is distinctive to us as females. God created you with a womb and with breasts to nurture and nourish life. Why not embrace who you are? Be the best at who God created you to be instead of running from it. Start enjoying it. Disarm the feminists! Disown the lies! Destroy the deceptions and delight in motherhood. How? By exploding with joy. You have the privilege of bringing children into the world for God's purposes, children who will live forever. By telling the world you are proud to be a mother. Away with inferiority that's a lie! Away with feeling insignificant; that's not true! Away with the thoughts that you were called to do something more important; that's a humanistic lie! Next time someone asks you what you do in life, beam with joy and shout, "I am a mother! I have the most blessed career in the world."

The next time someone sees you with all your children in tow and asks, "Are all these yours?" put on a bigger smile, from ear to ear, and shout, "Yes, I am so blessed." Or, "Yes, we love children so much we are hoping for more." Or, "Yes, we're just getting started!" Or you could even say, "Yes, they are. But where are your children?" "Oh, they're' at school. We could only afford to have two." "How very sad," you reply. "You must often feel bored and lonely. We live such a full and exciting life." Give another beaming smile and leave them speechless, ready to disarm the next person who makes a negative comment. Going out with all your children will become such fun. It will be even more exciting as you train your children for adverse comments about family. When you have answered your critic, the children can also put on their beaming smiles and all say in unison, "God bless you, Madam."

What if someone says, "DON"T YOU KNOW HOW TO STOP HAVING CHILDREN?" Or "Are you planning to have any more?" \ With a smile and twinkle in your eyes, you could answer, "It's conceivable." What if some dear soul comments, "You have your hands full." "We're working on it," you reply. "We are blessed with five; only five more to go!" Put your shoulders back. Lift up your head. Put a big smile on your face and disarm the anti-child advocates. You'll begin to change the world around you! You'll be speaking on the behalf of God who loves life and loves children. You'll be destroying the deceptions of Satan who hates life and seeks to destroy it. What a mission. Have fun.


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

That loving feeling

There is always something about seeing newborn babies that makes me feel mushy. When I was little I kept at least 50 stuffed animals and dolls on my bed. Cookie is following in my footsteps- at least with the doll/animal collection.

I saw a baby on TV last night, then 2 newborns at the Library today. Which I probably would have never seen if Rocco and Noahkeem were'nt asked to come get me during storytime because Noah banged his head on the floor because he and Rocco were rough housing. (Can you imagine that - boys rough housing- during storytime?) Anyhow. My Quiver a.k.a. minivan is full. And just to think I thought about stopping at one.