Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Color Factor

I heard\read a disturbing comment recently about Senator Obama being the only one of "ours" running and that it was about time blah blah blah....
What disturbs me is that Color is a major factor behind these attitudes so my question is, where were "we" when Alan Keyes was running? And have "we" ignored the Green Party - Although I do not agree with their principles, Cynthia Mc Kinney and Rosa Clemente are women of Color that are running for Presidential Election. Why haven't "we" taken a look at these women? Have "we" been ignorant in thinking that the only parties to revive change in America is Democratic or Republican? Let's all be informed and make informed decisions and not vote for candidates based on skin color.

A week ago someone put a bug in my ear. "Some people say they are undecided because they don't want John Mc Cain in office and they don't want a Black Man in either" I am beginning to believe there is an of truth in this. Sure non-blacks support Obama but, where does the rest of the country stand?

I don't think America has changed that much over the last 48+ years. No I am not that old but, I know what I see. I know what I hear. I know what I have experienced.

When I was 8, a fellow classmate said, Oh I don't like going to that Roller Skating Rink because they're are too many "Colored People" there. Why she would say this around another "colored person" was indicative of the household she was brought up in.

As an adult a woman said to me how unsafe she felt when she was lost in a black neighborhood. For some reason she felt compelled to tell me this given I am black.

As an adult I have been followed by a police officer driving around several blocks alone in a Mercedes, in Monmouth County, in a predominately non-black neighborhood. The Police did not pull me over but followed me . I then purposely turned down streets, that led the long way to the highway and he kept following. Every turn I made, he made until I made my way to a major highway which was the county's line to the next town.

I have been in a boutique in New York with my mother and I was asked not to try on any clothes by the owner.

I have been in restaurant with Big D and after waiting 15 minutes for a menu and waiter/waitress we left for not being served. I know it was racial.

I have been told as an adult when I was about to register to vote that you are black so you have to vote democrat.

Please don't tell me things in this great country have radically changed, they have changed some but nothing radical.

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naejeirual said...

Here's to the day when you and I will stand beside one another and no one will be surprised to hear that we're sisters... I'm thinking that will be while we're standing with our Father. We'll see.

This is my first visit to your blog... lots of good thoughts around here. Thank you for sharing.