Wednesday, October 1, 2008

That loving feeling

There is always something about seeing newborn babies that makes me feel mushy. When I was little I kept at least 50 stuffed animals and dolls on my bed. Cookie is following in my footsteps- at least with the doll/animal collection.

I saw a baby on TV last night, then 2 newborns at the Library today. Which I probably would have never seen if Rocco and Noahkeem were'nt asked to come get me during storytime because Noah banged his head on the floor because he and Rocco were rough housing. (Can you imagine that - boys rough housing- during storytime?) Anyhow. My Quiver a.k.a. minivan is full. And just to think I thought about stopping at one.

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Jo Princess Warrior said...

There sure is something about newborns! My quiver is also full.

Boys rough housing in the library? Can't imagine it myself. ;)

Great blog. xo