Thursday, October 30, 2008

What had happened was......

God is just so merciful. I had a terrible headache this morning that started late last night. Then my eyes decided to join in on the party and ache too. And my nose couldn't be left out so it started running and I had to chase it with tissues and blowing. And so the minors in the house sang, yell, played the guitar, jumped on the couch ( I could hear the springs all the way upstairs) Made them selves breakfast, got themselves dressed. All without myself, The Queen Mother. Who says a 8,5,3, and 20 month old can't hold a fort down?

But all good things come to an end there was an infraction in the kingdom and I had to summons my little subjects around me so that they may state their cases as they will always have a separate version of the same story.

Back to reality.

I have been going to an awesome Seminar at my church on "Coming to Papa" The Father's Love. Here was my revelation from last night: God is here. It is as simple as that. He is with me in the house cooking, cleaning, praying, teaching, stressing, and living. He is here. And he is right there with you.

The shortest verse in the Bible: John 11:35, Jesus Wept. Tells me that Jesus was moved with emotion and he balled, even wailed because he was saddened. How much more does he understand when we are hurt or when we are disappointed or broken. No one can convince me that Jesus is some far off, aloof, tall man with a stick waiting for me to mess up so that he can punish me. He is not some man that is not affected by my life. He cares about my bad hair days, he cares about my salvation, he cares about my lost car keys.

The God we hear of as children has been grossly misrepresented to the point where most of us don't want anything to do with Him as adults. If we do know him, often we complicate our relationship with him with rules and regulations - as if that is going to appease him and keep his wrath from us. He is a loving heavenly Father and sometimes he just wants us to be. And that 's it. Be Still and Know that He is God.

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naejeirual said...

Good word. Thank you. And I love the image of you "gathering the subjects". :)