Thursday, November 13, 2008

3 time's a charm! Only because she's a 4th child

My first born was potty trained by age 3, so was my second, my third-that's another story. My dear Dolly however, has been pooping and peeing in the potty several times a day. Yes,She is still in Diapers. I refuse to waste money on Pull-Ups with this one, she will go from Diapers to Underwear when she is completely trained.

As an American Mommy of course I'm making a big deal about all of this. If I were in the Motherland, and she had to pee, I would take her out of the sling that I no doubt would be wearing and sit her down on my feet and open my feet a little so that everything would trickle to the ground. When she was done, I would put her back into the sling and continue my work in the field/jungle. I wouldn't be blogging about it. It would just be life to me. Just a natural pattern of progression.

She seems to have done a lot of things her older sister, never attempted. She has climbed on tables and pushed around the chandelier, climbed on the outside of the stairs, holding onto the railing, hid in dark closets thinking its funny-when there is no hide and seek going on, climbed into the tub fully clothed to take another bath with her siblings. She has always helped herself to my lipstick and shared it with her big brother...the list goes on. She will always be my Dolly.


naejeirual said...

Sounds like we're at the same stage of life right now. Thanks for the reminder that it really isn't as all-emcompassing as it feels at times.

Theresa Stavola said...

Big Momma, I've been reading your posts and I find you an insightful writer and funny too. Keep up the posts; I'm sure I'll be checking back. :)