Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The election results

The results of waiting on line only 1 hour, taking Cookie to dance, and watching the election updates til the cows came home equate to this:

Everything under my bathroom vanity taken out and "nicely" placed around the house.

One broken guardrail

a box of 13 gallon garbage bags strewn all over the living room floor

a winter coat in the hallway

dirty dishes piled high

and one 5 year old with Mary Kay night emollient cream all in his hair.

And the Democrats keep telling me change is a' comin' ? When?


angela/japangela said...

ROFLOL!!!!!!! Well, since America is leaning toward socialism, and Canada is socialist, then we can assume by example that, eventually, we'll have mandatory daycare!

Dawn said...

I can sooo picture this. HI-larious. :)