Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I thought I never would see the day

I told my mother years ago, that there would never be a black president because no one wants a black president and if one were elected, he or she would be assassinated. I was a preteen when I made those statements Well here the day is,2008, Barack Obama is our new president. Although I do not agree with MANY of his views and politics, Our job is to honor whoever is in office.

I would admonish all of us who like to talk or throw rocks, find ways to be active and take dominion in any area of government local and beyond so that your influence, Godly influence is felt . For some reason, God wanted you to be born in this day, to see this day, and to do a work for Him in this day that he may be glorified. Let's not dishonor him by the things we say about who is or who is not in office. Lets not dishonor him by not acting when we can act and not praying when we can pray. God is in love with Democrats, Republicans, Independents and all those in between.

May God Protect our country and God Bless America. Good Night.

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naejeirual said...

I gotta say - I don't like his politics... but I am proud to be witnessing this moment in history. Obama's election means something about the heart of the American people, about the way we've grown. Of course there's always plenty of room to keep going... keep learning... but I'm excited that God choose me to be among the population to see this day. My prayers are with President-elect Obama.