Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I'm a little slow

Obviously I don't spend every waking moment updating my blog but, then through the course of the day I say to myself, "Oh , I have to blog about this or that". Well to play a little catch up here are some of my recent happenings:
  • Noahkeem facilitated our beta fish's return to the bottom of the sea. Translation: He took him out of the 2 1/2 gallon tank, had him in his hand, squeezed him put him back in the tank, knocked over the filter in the process, gave access to Rocco so that he could put some quarters in the tank, and consequently causing "Isabelle" an untimely death.
  • I baked a delicious smelling loaf of white wheat bread and left in on the counter top at 9:00 am yesterday and 3 hours later upon my return I discovered that the bread was hacked up and mutilated because a set of 5 year old hands grabbed chunks of it and ate it at his own leisure. (This is following a warning at 7am not to do this).
  • Dolly is going around saying" Poo Poo" and "Pee Pee" and taking her diaper off. She is also starting to sit on the little potty pretending to Pee and Poop. This is a hopeful sign that she will learn early and usher us into the "No More Diaper Zone". Which is the season of life where you skip the baby isle altogether because everyone under 18 functions as a semi-independent pre-adult. (eat the same foods, with the same consistency and use the same lotions and wear clothes that aren't paper or do not have Velcro).
  • Noahkeem keeps telling us that he is a man. "I a Man". Some one in Walmart or WalMark as Noahkeem likes to say said to him yesterday, "Excuse me little man" Then Noahkeem said to me "See Mommie I am a Man!" Breaking News Flash: Little Man needs to start putting his bowl in the kitchen sink and maybe get a paper route to offset some of his "Littlemanish Liabilities".

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