Saturday, November 8, 2008

It's already started

I returned some lovely spoiled meat to Walmart yesterday and they were already gearing up for Christmas. Part of me doesn't care for this time of year and I already feel myself shutting down. It's all about buying stuff that we don't need, going into debt, putting up with traffic and shoppers who run red lights, buying tons of food for a huge meal saturated in fat, salt and all the trimmings which is certain to make your blood pressure rise, your cholesterol go up and your hips wide.

I hate the fact that so many people expect you to give a gift or a card and it is not even their birthday- It's Jesus' birthday. We give Santa Claus more thought during the season than the one who created the season in the first place. Somewhere in between all that we try to squeeze Jesus in with a little pageant here and a little birthday cake there. But who are we fooling? We all know that the commercialization of Christmas rules our Holy-day. (Holiday)

I'm not crazy about Christmas shopping. But we live in a society that has groomed us into believing the true meaning of Christmas is for us to "give". And that usually means gifts.

Yet I am not a total Scrooge. I do plan to give my Children a few things. Send out a few cards and give out ornaments to a couple of my favorite people as I have been doing every Christmas for the last 4 years.

What they( the kids in this house) usually enjoy the most is firing up the Christmas Tree with all the lights and taking out all of the ornaments and of course eating what ever I put on the table December 25th. 2 years ago we grilled Italian Sausages for our Christmas meal. Last Christmas we had a simple meal of Brisket, Asparagus, Rice and Macaroni & Cheese. I'm not quite sure what I'm serving this year, I'm just concentrating on Thanks Giving.

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