Thursday, February 19, 2009


First of all, I can't stand the name the now famous mom of 8 has been dubbed. It intentionally makes her sound like some kind of monster. I have been thinking a lot about her and her children. There are so many questions that we have about this woman and how she will raise all of these children.

  • How will she support them?
  • What about their medical needs?
  • What about their living arrangement?
  • What about the other 6 kids she already has?
  • Who is going to be a positive male role model for them?
  • How will she feed them all?

It's been so easy to pass judgement on this lady. I have been guilty of it myself. But at the end of the day, I have to ask, what makes me think or what makes you think that because she has 14 children, some of which have medical problems, she will fail at being a mother? If she had money for invitro, doesn't that indicate that she has some dinero somewhere? Just maybe? How do we know that she does not have a plan or is making a plan when she is tenderly looking at her babies? I can't say I have seen any interviews with this woman. I have only witnessed the entertainment expose type hype on her. (As if I we can believe everything we hear in the media).

You know what just makes me laugh? When I hear about and see the Angelina Jolie resemblance and hear talk about how she's a crazed fan and wants to be just like her. Tell me how many of us have looked at a celebrity, got hooked on their sense of fashion and then purchase items similar to theirs to add to our wardrobe? But I guess you say that, you haven't gone as far as getting plastic surgery. Well then, how many times do you continue to emulate celebs and non celebs by constantly trying the latest diet to get trim or stay trim to be accepted?

What I should be asking is who in this world hasn't done something a little crazy to meet some unmet love need in our lives? Some people drink or are closet alcoholics. Some are addicted to shopping, some eat, some are promiscuous. Some meet that unmet love need by trying to live through their kids, making decisions for their kids, thinking for their kids, over scheduling their kids all in the name of unmet love. All hearts are hungry. And for those that could care less about God and think God is for the wackos of the world, they constantly go through life trying to meet this need for love. Jumping from one relationship to the next, buying just one more thing to make themselves happy, giving to one more good cause to make themselves feel good and convince themselves that they are a good person. If we pull back the curtain on our lives and tear down the facades, isn't their something all of us have been involved in that will reveal a hungry heart? Aren't there things we are still doing to fill that empty void?

This woman, this love hungry mom of 8 should be -in the words of an old cliche', "pitied not scorned". But, the poor children. What about the poor children? Lets be real, if we feel soooooooo sorry for her kids, we need to go down to Babies R' Us and fill our carts to the brim with things that she will obviously need and send them to her. If we think all of the children will be sooooooooooooooooo hungry, find out what grocery stores are in her area, and buy them a gift certificate. And we all know how tight it's going to be in that little house with all of those children, why don't we set up a fund for their family so that they can purchase a bigger home? In our slumping economy I'm sure, we can help her find a great deal on a suitable home. Oh but wait, that would be the selfless, philanthropic thing to do to an undeserving delusional single mother of 14 kids. We really don't feel sorry for her or her kids otherwise, why aren't we motivated to help her? I think we are all guilty of blasting people for making choices that in our eyes are stupid choices. I think we enjoy blasting people who do dumb things because we feel we are so much better than they are. And we are so convinced of that . Sadly in America, it makes us sleep better at night knowing that we are better than the next man or woman. That's often our sick measuring stick of self worth, whether we care to admit it or not. When in reality, we are just as if not more, hungry. Hungry for love.

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