Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Advice concerning new moms

This is the truth:
  • New moms need help-and usually they need more than just meals.
  • New moms need lots of help over the first year of her new baby's life-even if its not her first baby.
  • Pregnancy takes 10 months (40 weeks), It takes longer to get your pre-pregnancy body back.
  • If/When your daughter/son has a baby, be helpful. That means be complimentary,cook, and clean...all done with a smile. She/he just bought your grandchild/children into the world-and that's a big deal.
  • A new mom is usually very sensitive. Don't tell a her how much she doesn't look like her child/children -even if it is true.
  • Cultivate a loving relationship with your children so that you will be welcomed when they begin their own family.
  • Cultivating a relationship includes swallowing pride and saying I'm sorry-even though you felt as though you tried your best or even if you feel you have the right to be right..
  • New moms need to hear the phrases: "I think you're a great mom", or even "Happy Mother's Day".
  • You will parent differently than your parents, And your children will do things differently than you.
  • Above all, never read into things. take things at face value. When in doubt ask, "What did you mean by that?"

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