Monday, March 9, 2009

Chores, Chores, and more Chores.

First I have to say, I can't stand the word "Chores". I guess because my father ran it in the ground when I was growing up. He would always ask if I did my "chores". I got a whopping $2.00 for cleaning 1/2 the house! In my eyes it wasn't nearly enough for a girl who liked to go rollerskating every Friday and it cost at least $3.00 to get in and $2.00 for the skate rental.

Now that I am a grown up, no one asks if I did my chores, they just notice when I don't. With 4 children and homeschooling to boot, I wouldn't dare try to do all the chores at one time. Although I do have a 1 hour home blessing hour that I do courtesy of More often than not my chores are divided by days , each day has an assigned chore, even though there are some things that are done every day i.e. trash, kitchen floor, dishes. But as life would have it after I moped the kitchen floor twice in the last seven days, the spills kept running like Niagara falls. Today we had an avalanche of milk in the a.m. followed by a downpour of apple juice in the p.m. In my brain I ask myself, "Didn't you just mop this floor?" But my mouth says, "you have to be more careful next time... get some paper towels and wipe up were it's wet." as if that calm little statement will prevent the next "accidental spill". Thursday is usually bathroom day where I thoroughly clean all the bathrooms and get my boys to tame the toilet with the magic of the all powerful toilet brush. This is there favorite job. But by the time the weekend is over or sometimes by the time Thursday night rolls around, I find a sad, sopping wet pair of underwear on the floor drowning in a little yellow pond. And finally somewhere between bath time and bedtime kisses a little 3 year old confesses that he had an accident on the floor. Now why didn't I notice this accident earlier you might wonder. It's because I don't usually come back upstairs during the course of the day unless I'm taking my 1:00pm union break after I put Dolly down for her nap and toss her dirty duds into the diaper pail- which is located in the infamous bathroom.

So tomorrow, I will do my chores again and thank God at the end of the day for kids who function normally and can go to the bathroom on their own, and for children that have hands that can grasp cups and spill the contents at the same time and for a house that has both a kitchen and bathroom to do all of this in.

"In everything give thanks, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you." 1 Thessalonians 5:18.

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