Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Green isn't yucky

I can' take all the credit. I have to say that I was raised by parents who both cooked and were heavy on the vegetables. More than half of my fathers diet comprised of fruits and veggies and we ate veggies with 99% of our meals. My mother never made 2 or 3 different meals to appease the tastebuds of her 3 girls. We just ate what was in front of us. We never asked for an alternative and never was offered one. I now see how 2 & 3 different meals causes chaos in the house and kids who expect it where ever they go. With 4 kids in my life and all the craziness that comes with that, I just don't invite meal chaos. (Although and occasional scoop of icecream with waffles at breakfast time doesn't hurt).

I usually make 1 meal in our house with a tiny bit of wiggle room. After being on solids for over 3 years, Saturday night we celebrated Noahkeem eating his first spinach salad-loaded down with ranch dressing of course. Sunday he ate another salad. I heard words echoing in the kitchen like "good" and "yummy". And they were all coming from my Noahkeem. The next day after church, Noahkeem helped make the salad. Which we all ate before dinner/supper/lunch was served. Last night-Monday he said in an Eeyore kind of voice, "Okay... I'll try the corn". As he chewed his corn, you could see that he was in terrible distress. (Distress being that corn did not rank on his list of yummy foods) He chewed and swallowed anyway and then the coughing started- no vomit though. Lots of coughing and then he simply stated, "Mommy, I don't like corn". Which was fine with me. This is coming from a little boy who is in love with chicken-any style, and had digestive issues a little over a year ago. So to all the moms out their who make one meal, keep persevering.. eventually they will try things that are green or look yucky.

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