Monday, April 20, 2009

It bought me to tears

Today I was called to the computer to watch the video of the now famous Susan Boyle. Given the nature of the show she was on- and her age, I didn't know if she was "good". The audience was balking at her even before she sang and laughed even more when she compared herself to a character of Les Mis. Someone the audience probably never heard of. Out of this homely woman came a song that only she could sing with one of the most powerful, angelic voices I ever heard... No doubt more powerful in person. Yet my heart broke. So often we discredit those who are not as glamorous or not as rich or not as popular or socially graceful as ourselves. We write them off and look down on them without skipping a beat. We often do it so subtly that we hardly recognize that what we have done is blatantly prideful, disrespectful, ugly and wrong. But we don't feel bad about it because we believe in our hearts that we are just a little bit better than "they" are. And in the lyrics of DC Talk I say, "We all want to be loved, We all want just a little respect..... Tell me whats wrong with that?" Give a watch:

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Julie Massie said...

I sat in my living room bawling like an idiot while watching that video. I felt incredibly convicted for looking at her the way I did before she began singing. I broke into "the ugly cry."

She is a truly beautiful woman.