Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Refridgerator Bandit

To protect the identity of the said innocent, I have posted a picture of a baby goat instead. There is a little girl no more than 2 that has been spotted hiding in the corner of the playroom and living room eating snacks that she has taken without permission. Last week I found this little person with a little box of pepperoni behind the chair in the living room. Her little mouth was greasy and when questioned about the incident, she denied even being at the crime scene (although the evidence was right next to her). Last night she sported a chai tea goatee. She got into Big D's chai tea and ate the powder mixture. This morning upon my arrive in the playroom there was a ball of cream cheese in the famous corner where the baby bandit takes her stash and secretly eats her loot. Of course I threw it out. Less than 3 hours later, I found shredded cheese in the same spot. The bandit blamed it on an older sibling. 1 hour prior to dinner, the bandit had a pound of cheese on the couch about to open it an eat it. I caught her red handed. I don't know when the bandit strikes because she is so discreet about it. But she leaves evidence behind that always points to her. Yet she manages to shrug her shoulders and purse her lips and sing out, "I'm Sowwy".

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Laurie said...

Thank you for the hearty laugh I am enjoying at the moment. That's precious! Can't say I envy your task of having to curtail this habit - but I think it's a blessing when God allows this "minor" infractions that we can begin building the foundation of His Law and His Grace at such an early age. Enjoy.