Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Why I do what I do... Part I

This is my favorite beach in Florida, Indian Rocks Beach. When I look at this picture, I feel peace and I feel that everything is alright in my world. Here is today's confession: I am a full time mom. My attention is not divided by a career and other hot pursuits that put my children and husband on the back burner. I know that there is a life lesson in every storm. I know that I have a heavenly who watches over me, walks beside me and gently guides me. I love the fact that when I struggle and cry out to Him, that He WILL answer me. I know that every seed that is being sown will eventually reap a harvest. I rest in the fact that the attitude I display while doing my work ( Diapers, Dishes, Spills, Blowing bubbles, dancing, Cooking, Cleaning and even answering the same question for the 100th time) is all an act of worship. I realize more and more how imperfect I am and how with every imperfection, God has an awesome opportunity to demonstrate his power through me to my husband, to my children, and to my friends. He works out of me those things that need to be worked out and works into me those things that I need the most.

Nothing in my life including my wonderful public education, complete with home ec and wood shop, never prepared me for what I am today. A lot of my mothering as been on the job training. Alot of my mothering has been watching others and doing the exact opposite. Alot of it has been praying for my unborn children-years in advance. Most of it is resting in the peace that God gives that I am on the right path by raising children who honor him. And resting in the fact that his word promisses to lead me into all truth- and that includes how to take care of all that I have been entrusted with.
Several years ago, I was at a party and an older woman asked me if I worked out side my home. I replied with a "What are you kidding me?" look on my face and then said, Yes, I take care of my children- out side of my home. I homeschool at home and outside my home. I Believe with all of my heart, despite what naysayers say that the college education you have or did not complete is Never wasted because you stay at home. I have a B.A. in Psychology, an A.A. of Arts, and a certification in Life Coaching and they are not wasted one moment as I work from home loving and caring for my family.

So whoever says you are throwing your degree away clearly only believes that you are only effective in this society, in this world if you are working 9-5, while someone else is raising your children and you are getting some kind of paycheck. Other than that you are useless.

Most people who disagree with your decision to homeschool feel intimidated by your audacity to believe that you are capable of teaching your own children- especially if you do not have a teaching degree.

Let me say that you have been homeschooling the day you brought your baby home. Teaching him the difference between night and day, teaching him to count, showing him his fingers and toes, teaching him his alphabet. Did you need a teaching degree to teach all of those things? You can cook for your family and if you can't you can read and follow a recipe, Did you need to go to Culinary Arts School for that? To the mothers and fathers who want to homeschool all I can say is that you already are. Take the next step.

In this fallen and broken world, I do what I do to grow well adjusted, Godfident, Children. And that's my occupation.


H-Mama said...

well spoken. :)

i need to remind myself daily that serving my family IS an act of worship.

Eaglemyst said...

Amen! Sometimes I forget that I am homeschooling for a REASON. Not to schedule so much junk that I can't even think.

This post was an encouragement to me. Thanks!