Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I just can't help it.

We have now adopted yet another "family member" A Betta fish who I call Austin and the kids call Jimmy. I am determined to keep him alive. I did however lay down the ground rules and I guess the only rule that I needed to : NO ONE PICK UP THE FISH LIKE THE LAST ONE THAT DIED! I'll have to post pics soon of my little Austin a.k.a. Jimmy.

As of late I have been mourning again over the loss of my beloved crock pot that died from unnatural causes (the cord melted in between the ceramic insert and the unit it sits in). I have come to grips with the fact that I probably won't find another like it and will have to succumb to buying one that is digital. I just really miss throwing stuff together and turning the crock pot on and forgetting about it. Stuff like chili, beef stew, roasted chicken, roast beef, chicken soup etc. I never got a chance to make other yummy stuff in it because her death was so unexpected. I found myself at Barnes and Noble the other night looking at tons of crock pot recipes that went beyond soups and stews and all I could ask myself was, "Why? Why did my crock pot have to die and why hadn't I replaced her by now? " Nevertheless, I got hold of myself before I started to curl up in the fetal position and ball like a baby, and made a decision, "I will get a new crock pot that is built like a tank and she will do her job just like my dearly departed Rival and my house will once again permeate with the aromas of delicious meals that take hours to cook but are so effortless to create". Ladies and Gentlemen, I need to go crock pot shopping.

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