Monday, July 27, 2009

Monday Monday

It rained today.. and once again my neighbor's tree fell over, onto my side and my gate. This same tree had a section fall last year into my yard. I'm going to suggest he just cut the whole thing down. The only drawback is that I will lose all of my shade when laying on the hammock if the tree goes.

Last Thursday was Cookies Birthday and it was great from beginning to end

Where are we today? Dinner is a little late and I had to put 3 people on lockdown for violating the house rules and will call them to the mess hall when the chow is ready. I have been looking through all of the useless "baby books" and am utterly convinced that several chapters were omitted. Trust me that was a joke. It didn't take long- scholar that I am, to realize that baby books were written with a Reese's Monkey in mind and my prodigies have never been book babies. What puts me over the edge today is that I know in Africa, Haiti and other countries and cultures, that families stick together and help one another so that no one is burdened by life.. They literally bare one another's burdens. Yet Americans are so isolated or self centered that we are too busy being busy to help one another or love one another. And that's the disadvantage of living far away from family. And if you think there is a lot of underlying sewage in this post-there is. I'll stop there though... I'll save my venting for my core workout.

On a happy note, My new lover is my flat iron. I used it today and if my "do "remains till tomorrow, I'll let her stay.

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Tonya said...

I understand your post...I can relate on a couple of levels! And come September I will be looking for a new flat iron. Right now, I am a fan of Kinky Curly Curling Custard--wash and apply...a great summer regimen.