Saturday, July 11, 2009

My Rival is back!

How could I forget to make my special announcement? My mother came down for Rocco& and Noahkeem's party last month and she brought me someone very special. A brand New servant. She's big and white and pretty much huge and oblong. Some one that would change my life forever. SHE BROUGHT ME A RIVAL CROCK POT! It felt like Christmas all over again. So far I have only made Chili in it. I'm bar-b-que Queen so, I have been grilling alot this summer. But my girl is large enough to feed my crew plus some stragglers. I'm determined not to get enslaved to just making soup, stews, and chili in it so, this weekend I'm going to scour recipe world and find out whats new and yummy for the crock pot that doesn't need to be eaten with a spoon. Well I'm off to plunge into the weekend. We have 1 t-ball game, 1 birthday party, church, and a live performance of Willy Wonka to enjoy. (Not to mention all the bumps and hiccups waiting to happen with a family of 6). ttfn. (ta ta for now).

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