Friday, August 14, 2009

Highlights from 2 very rainy days

First I have to say, I am suppose to be on vacation but, I had to delay my plans because of rain and rearrange all kinds of arrangements. The last 2 days that were suppose to be spent in my travel destination was more of a staycation here in the area. Yesterday, Rainy day #1 We went to the movies to see Barnyard and found out that it was not playing and we saw Charlotte's Web instead. (My all time childhood favorite). 1 medium soda & medium popcorn was only $11.60! Stopped to the mall, rode the carousel, went to the gigantic play area, window shopped, ate at Johnny Rockets, made another stop afterwards then came home. The days outing was about 9 hours!

Rainy day #2, we went to the museum that has tons of hands on things to do and a planetarium to boot. We made it in the nick of time to an 11:30 show at the planetarium, walked/ran around to the exhibits, ate lunch in a very crowded cafe, then started on our way home. Notice I said started home. The trip to the museum usually takes 45 minutes but, I did not reach my town until 3 hours later. Why you might ask? Traffic, detours, & "short cuts" all of which was worth it when I was treated to a fish & chips dinner, complete with coleslaw, Texas toast, and corn on the cob steamed in butter. Full of cholesterol I'm sure but, oh so delish!

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