Sunday, August 2, 2009

My little neck of the woods.

As you can see from this pic these ducks were trying to head into my back yard. Smart cookie that I am, I shut the gate before they got in. I did my errands came back and they were still there and they had an extra friend with them. Yet this time they were sitting around, just hanging out in my side yard. It made me smile. Lately, I've been thinking about friendships and being connected to a community. In the age of blackberries, online social networks, and texting, who has the time for snail mail? Allow me be the first to say nothing slows one person down and gives way to reflection as a piece of snail mail. The beauty of snail mail is that it is constant reminder that someone thought of you, dropped a line, bought a stamp, and cared enough to let you know that you were on their mind. Snail mail usually makes one smile. So why not pass that joy on? Who can we blessed today in a non-techie way?

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