Thursday, November 26, 2009

What I am thankful for

I must confess that I didn't get all of my Christmas shopping done and I promised myself I would do it before Thanksgiving. My shopping area-which I also consider my downtown, gets extremely congested with everyone and their mom coming to shop at "The Market Place", "The Town Center" and the mall. I have to say that in the early evening traffic gets really crazy making a quick stop to the grocery store an adventure in Bumper-to-Bumper Land. I can't even begin to count all of the cars that run red lights and the ones that block the intersection. That being said, every thing I do this time of year in town is done before 3:00pm (and hopefully before December 24).

What I am thankful for:
  • My 4 awesome kids- that make me laugh, cry, pray, dress up and be goofy and challenge me to be the best mother in their world.
  • My wonderful babysitter- who is one of the sweetest, patient, loving and joyful young ladies I know... She's one of the few that I trust with my babies. She's one of the few my kids wish they could live with-forever.
  • My 1st grade teacher Mrs. Morse... who taught me how to read.
  • My mother, who cultivated my love of reading by taking us to the library every week.
  • My 2 Modern gadgets I use the most- my cell phone & Ipod
  • The beach-off season
  • My New Life Church peeps who have prayed with me & for me and stood with me until those prayers were answered.
  • Butterflies
  • Best friends-who live far away but have always been close to my heart
  • My hammock
  • Icecream
  • My extended family
  • "tommorows" because they also mean you have a second chance.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

All I want for Christmas!

The top of my Christmas list for the last 2 years has given a pink cruiser number one place. In competition for that spot was a gift, no money could buy: to have Dolly potty trained.

Back in July, I would say, "All I want is Dolly to be potty trained by August". In August, I would say, "I want Dolly to be potty trained by the New Year!" In October I began to say, "I want Dolly to be potty trained by Christmas... That's all I want for Christmas!"

Well, I am proud to announce that Christmas came early at my house.. Dolly has been potty trained for about 4 weeks now! At first, I was met with 3 consecutive days of dry pull ups and a little big girl peeing and pooping in the potty! I would of course call my mother and report my findings and she kept saying, "I think she's on her way!" 4 weeks later the progress has not stopped. 'DOLLY IS FULLY POTTY TRAINED'

I think milestones in childhood and motherhood should be celebrated. And in that spirit, I will be throwing my little big Dolly a Potty Party. She will have a cake, and gifts of big girl pants, and me, her mom will get a little diva purse- just big enough for keys, lipstick, i.d. and my ipod. I plan to invite her little big girlfriend Tisa over since over the last couple months she too has completed her ride on the potty train. I thought I never would be so excited about pee and poop in my life. Its just been all too wonderful not to have to change 30+ diapers and pull ups each week. Now if I could only find a way to cut down on all this laundry and get that pink cruiser, I would be on cloud nine.

Thursday, November 5, 2009


My computer is dead and I haven't lugged it to the Geek Squad for help. So needless to say its been very hard to blog.

Today Rocco asked me how many days til Christmas and I told him 50. Then it hit me.. That's not a whole lot of time. I somehow have to find some significant gifts for my four and decide if I should wait til January 1st to send a New Years/Christmas Card. Each year my list gets smaller and I will probably send out about 20 cards-if that. And that's completely fine with me.

We went to the mall today and the pointsettas and garland was everywhere- and I mean everywhere. I can not stand the crowds at holiday time so my plan is to get everything done before Thanksgiving.

I am proud to report that Dolly's potty training is going well. She is taking herself to the potty-even to poop. If she keeps it up she might even get a potty party. (a party to celebrate the end of pull ups, diapers, diaper cream, and diaper bags. And me, her mom going back to a small little diva purse).